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  • Why press my bouquet?
    Floral art is an amazing addition to your home decor to hang alongside your wedding photos. With all the money that goes into the floral design at your wedding, why not ensure you can keep some of those flowers forever? We reccomend factoring preservation into your wedding budget if this is something you're interested in.
  • How soon should I reserve my wedding date so I can ensure my bouquet can be pressed?
    I am a one-woman shop, so I am only able to accept a limited amount of bouquets per month. The sooner you can reserve your date, the better, as my books fill up quickly. I do require a $150 non-refundable deposit for all confirmed orders to hold your date. I recommend booking 4-6 months ahead of your date if possible, but you can always contact me to find out if your date is available no matter how last minute.
  • How much does it cost to press my bouquet/flowers?
    Pricing depends on the size/design you choose. Bridal bouquets start at $200+ and a $150 deposit is requied to hold your date that will be subtracted from your final payment once the design is complete. Special event (funeral or memory) keepsakes start at $75 and are priced according to number of flowers, customizations, and size. Final payment is due once the piece is completed and before pickup/shipping. There is no additional cost to add design elements such as invitations, ribbons, charms, or photos to bridal bouquets. Some specialty add-ons may have a small add-on fee, but we will discuss this with you before creating an invoice. Shipping cost is determined by the return address provided. Local Charleston, SC drop off is free. There is a $15 pickup/delivery fee for Charleston, SC residents. Keep in mind if you are not local to the Charleston, SC area, you are responsible for the overnight shipping costs to get your bouquet to me in a timely manner. This can cost anywhere from $40-500 depending on where you are and how big your bouquet is.
  • I don't live in SC, can you still press my bouquet?"
    Yes! I accept mail-in bouquets as long as you follow our shipping and care instructions, which we will send to you before you pay your deposit. It is crucial that you overnight your bouquet within 48 hours of your wedding to ensure the flowers stay in the best possible shape. We recommend picking out a box and a shipping provider ahead of time and checking the rates with USPS, FedEx, or UPS before booking so you know what to budget for. For reference, a standard bouquet weighs about 5lbs when shipped, but this can vary.
  • What size should I get for my bridal bouquet?
    Our most popular sizes for a standard size bridal bouquet is the 11x14 or 16x20. We can also accomodate custom sizing if you'd like a square or elongated design. Keep in mind you will need to size up if you want a mat to border your design. We reccomend looking at our instagram gallery to determine what style you like best. If you aren't sure about a size, just guess and we can discuss the best option for you over email!
  • Can I request a smaller add-on to give as a gift?
    Yes! You can order smaller pieces for an additional cost. We offer 8x10 invitation pieces and 5x7 boutonniere pieces that are perfect for "in-law" or anniversary gifts. These sizes are ONLY available as add-ons and can not be purchased individually. Please select which add-ons you'd like in the custom art request form.
  • Can you just give me my design so I can frame it myself?
    No, it's important to understand your piece REQUIRES a frame for its own protection. Every bridal piece is professionally framed to protect your flowers from fading and is also sealed so that humidity, bugs, etc can not compromise the design. If you want a custom framing option, mention that in your custom art request form and I will work with you to find a frame style/color that you like best. There will be an additional charge based on the custom frame you select.
  • Can I select an all glass "floating" frame for my bridal bouquet?"
    Glass floating frames are not reccomended for bridal bouquets. Most bridal flowers are too thick for this type of frame which prevents these frames from closing. Most importantly, these frames are not able to be sealed properly or protected from UV rays in your home, so the flowers will not last as long in this setting and could fade or break very quickly. Floating frames are ideal for very flat botanical elements such as greenery/leaves that are less likely to break or fade. Flowers such as hydrangeas or individually plucked rose petals can be used, but any intact flowers that remain as thick as 2 stacked quarters after pressing will not work in this frame. If you are 100% set on this style, we can talk through which flowers in your bouquet may work and what elements we'd have to leave out as well as the longevity expectations.
  • Can I change my order after I pay my deposit?
    Yes! You can change your order (size, frame choice, background color, design) up until the "mock-up" phase. Just e-mail us and we will work with you to update your order.
  • How long does it take to press my bouquet / when will my piece be ready?
    Floral art is a lengthy and tedious process that requires great care and attention to detail, and I am a one-woman shop. Therefore, It can take anywhere from 3-7 months for your piece to be completed. The actual pressing of your flowers alone can take any several hours depending on how large your piece will be, and the flowers must stay in the press for 6-8 weeks to fully dry. This is the most important step because flowers must be completely free of moisture before designing, otherwise your flowers could mold. Once the flowers are done drying, it can take 3+ weeks to "rebuild" and color-enhance the flowers, then 3+ weeks to complete a design. Once a design is done, we will send you a "mock-up" for approval, then begin constructing and sealing down the final design. Once the design is sealed, it can take up to a month to complete the professional framing process as we outsource professional framing. Working with a deadline? Mention your ideal timeframe in your custom art request form and I will work with you. *Expediated design fee will apply.
  • How long will my pressed flowers last?
    The goal is for your pressed flower art to last for up to 20 years, if not longer. However, the longevity of your piece truly depends on how you care for your piece. You will recieve a care card with instructions about how to take care of your art with your completed piece. To prevent premature fading or breakage, make sure you keep your piece away from direct sunlight and store it in a dry place. Avoid hanging the piece in bathrooms, garages, or other areas in your home where the piece may be exposed to excessive water or humidity. It is important to remember that at one point your flowers were living things and will age accordingly. Over time, your flowers can eventually experience fading. It is possible that part of your flowers could eventually break or fall resulting in small flower particles or pollen in your frame. Remember that this is natural and should be expected! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about your flower art's longevity.
  • I have my bouquet from my wedding several years ago. Can you press it?
    We do dried bouquets on a rolling basis, but it really depends on the state of your flowers. Please complete the custom art request form for dried flowers and we can chat about what may be possible.
  • When should I ship or drop off my bouquet?
    Detailed shipping/drop off instructions will be sent to you after you pay your deposit and confirm your date. In short, I need to recieve your flowers no later than 3 days after your event. If you are shipping the flowers from out of town, you'll need to overnight your flowers no later than the Monday after your Saturday wedding so we can recieve them by Tuesday and begin the pressing process. Overnighting flowers is critical as your flowers could wilt if left in a box any longer. If your flowers become compromised during shipping and are not able to be pressed, we will contact you immediately about the cost associated to replace them.
  • Can I give this as a gift?
    Yes! We love when our customers gift this service, what a great treat for your loved ones to have a peice of floral art to cherish for years to come! Please complete the Custom Art Request form with your information and your special someone's date then explain in the text box you will be gifting this services will all the details. You can select whichever item is within your budget. If you'll be handling the shipping of the flowers, we can walk you through the process OR we can issue a gift certificate for you to give the couple prior to their big day If issuing a gift certificate, please make sure you do so several weeks before an event or shipping date. We will work with the bride or groom to handle all the details (including upgrades) to their liking, but need to give adequate time for them to plan. Gift certificates start at $250+
  • Can any and all flowers be pressed?
    I can certainly try to press and preserve every type of flower in your bouquet. I use several different preservation techniques and will try whichever method will work best depending on the thickness and water retention in the flower. Thicker flowers tend to retain a lot of moisture, which can cause molding, therefore, I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to press each type of flower perfectly. Some specialty flowers may be better suited for a 3D preservation in a shadow box. If this is something we suggest based on your floral choices we will let you know.
  • How does payment work?
    Once you complete the custom art request form and we have confirmed availability on your date, an invoice will be sent to your email for your order based on the options you selected. A $150 deposit is required to place your order and hold your date. Because we need to have a deposit to book you, this invoice is due upon reciept. Due to high demand, we will not hold spots for unpaid invoices for more than 1 week (7 days) from when the deposit invoice was issued. The $150 deposit will be deducted from the final payment, which is due at the time of completion. Upgrades, additional pieces, sales tax, and/or shipping charges, if applicable, will be charged on the final payment invoice. We do offer payment plans, please email us to inquire. No pieces will be shipped or available for pick-up until the final payment is recieved. Any orders left unpaid 30 days after completion will be subject to a $25 late fee. Any orders left unpaid 60 days after completion will be subject to a $50 late fee. Any orders left unpaid 90 days after completion will be forfeited and offered for sale to other customers.
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