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Fine Art Commissions

Custom Art Request Form - Commissions

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch via email within 1-3 business days.

Commercial Commission 

It's our pure joy to create

one-of-a-kind works of fine art using preserved flowers! We love working with art collectors, interior designers, and commercial properties to create beautifully framed floral art for any interior space.


We accept flowers from the grounds of private estates, we can sourced specific flowers from our wholesaler, or we can simply utilize pre-pressed flowers from our growing stock to create your custom commission.

Each custom commission is priced by the complexity of the project with a starting price of $400+

Pre-Dried Flower Commissions
*not accepting new orders until 2025

Do you have dried flowers sitting in a shoe box, waiting to be made into a piece of art? Depending on the shape of your flowers, we may be able to use your pre-dried flowers and create a special keepsake for you! Hopefully, you dried your flowers out by either hanging them upside down or emerging them in silica gel. Either way, as long as there is no mold inside of your blooms, we're happy to de-construct, press, and design a beautiful commissioned piece of art for you to display for years to come. Keep in mind some dried flowers may be best constructed in a 3D display within a shadow box. Since dried flowers require different pressing techniques depending on the natural wear and tear of your bouquet or flowers, each piece will be priced based on hourly labor and framing costs. Please complete the contact form below and we can discuss what may be possible for your flowers then provide a quote and completion timeline. 

Special Event or Memory Keepsake Commissions
*availability limited

We love working with all types of flowers to create a keepsake commemorating any special or sentimental occasion! Due to our current schedule, we may or may not be able to accept fresh flowers from funerals or same-week events. Please complete the contact form below with all the details so we can determine if we have time in our schedule for your fresh flowers. If we don't, we can provide instructions on how you can dry the flowers out yourself and then deliver them to us a few weeks later for pressing. 

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